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How To Get A Job In A New Industry (When You Have Zero Experience)

How To Get A Job In A New Industry (When You Have Zero Experience) There is no direct path forhow to get a job careers today are leid as linear as they once were. People changejobsand industries all the time. If youre thinking about making a big career change, but are concerned that youlack the experience, dont fret. You can make the change if youre willing to do a little extra work.So, what is the best way to search for a job?Here is how toget a job in a new careerwithout having industry-specific experience.How to Get a Job in 10 Steps1. Network. All day, every day.Weve all heard the expression, its elend what you know, its who you know. Relationships matter, especially when youre job searching. Many, if not most, job openings are not published on traditional job sites.Employers tend to rely on their networks to fill positions before advertising them to the general public. When youre looking to transition into a new industry, its a good idea to put on your networking shoes and take them for a spin. Having face to face contact with players in your chosen industry will give you a chance to tell your story, as well as build relationships with the people who are in the best position to help you when a job becomes available. Joining a professional organization or a LeanIn Circle is a great way to meet people in your new industry. You can also connect with a headhunter to help you out. (How do you find a headhunter to find a job? Try asking colleagues, looking on LinkedIn, and searching on industry-specific forums to departure.)2. Go on informational interviews.When youre starting out in a new field, it can take some time before you land an interview. In the meantime, reach out to people for informational interviews. These informal interviews are a great way to meet people, learn about your new industry and get helpful advice about how to approach your search and transition.Reach out to people in your network or ask people you know to make introductions for you. Use LinkedIn to find people in your chosen industry with whom you might have a shared connection or shared background (e.g., someone who went to your college). If youre a recent graduate, you can utilize your career services department to put you in touch with alumni and others who would be willing to speak with you. Make the most of your interview by being prepared with an agenda for the meeting and asking thoughtful questions. You never know when youre speaking with a potential employer3. Review and revise your resume.Resumes are not one-size fits all documents. Your resume should always be tailored to the position you want and should emphasize different skills depending on the role for which youre applying. If youre changing industries, be koranvers to highlight the most relevant transferable skills and list those first. Be sure to also highlight your biggest achievements. Even if you dont have work experience in the field, employers want to see that youre a problem-solver who adds value to the organizations for which youve worked. Finding a job is less about matching the job listing and more about having the skills you need to excel in on-the-job training.4. Beef up your titel letter.If you are taking the traditional cover letter and resume route, make sure that your cover letter is strong and adequately explains what motivated you to make a career change, how your current skills and experience can translate in this new industry and how you can help the company achieve its goals. While you want to be detailed and passionate, make sure to keep your cover letter at an appropriate length (no more than one page) and make sure that it is focused, error-free and compelling. Your cover letter is the precursor to a job interview, so make sure the hiring manager sees the best version of you.5. Get creative.In todays competitive job market, employers are looking for candidates who stand out. More and more people are using creative methods for getting noticed by hiring managers. Creating a YouTube video, developing a website or crafting a presentation that solves a problem for the company are some ways you can differentiate yourself and showcase your personality and skills, even without prior experience. If youre looking to transition into a creative field, using a non-traditional application strategy could be particularly valuable.6. Volunteer.Although you wont be receiving a paycheck for your work, volunteering always pays off. The experience you gain and the people you meet when volunteering are invaluable. Through volunteer work, you get to experience what your new career will look and feel like, you can work with multiple organizations and you can start building relationships with people who can later serve as references. In some cases, you may even be hired as a full-time employee after a successful run as a volunteer organizations go-to guy (or gal).7. Go back to school.If youve been out of school for a long time, the prospect of going back might feel daunting especially if you have a full-time job. But heading back to class might be worthwhile when making a transition into a new industry. Whether its getting a whole new degree or taking online courses for a certification, putting in the time to learn the basics of your new industry can not only help to prepare you with important knowledge youll need for the job, but will also signal to employers that even though you dont have industry-specific experience, youre serious about this transition and are worth the risk.8. Be confident.When youre lacking experience, it can be easy to causa victim to self-doubt and lack of confidence. But just because you dont have experience in a specific industry doesnt mean that you dont have any experience at all. If you come into a new situation with an apologetic attitude, youre not likely to make your hiring manager want to take a chance on you.Make a list of all of the skills you bring to the table and your most notable achievements . Just before an interview, or anytime your confidence wavers, take a look at the list and remind yourself that youre a rock star. This small dose of positivity will help you to maintain your confidence when you need it most.9. Be willing to start at the bottom.An entry-level role might not seem very appealing if youve been in the workforce for a long time, but if youre changing industries, you may have to start at the ground floor in terms of both position and pay. Remember that this wont be forever everyone has to pay their dues at some point. Roll up your sleeves, work hard and prove that youre promotion material to start moving up the chain and into a leadership role.10. Be patient.You may be thinking, How can I find a job quickly? Unfortunately, making big changes are never easy and they rarely happen quickly. Career transitions are no different, and it can take time before youre able to get your foot in the door. No matter how long it takes, dont give up. Continue putting in t he time and the effort and eventually the opportunities will come your way.My StoryFor most of my life, I thought I was going to grow up to be a teacher. All through elementary, middle and high school, I envisioned myself at the head of the classroom, teaching students about history, government, and civics. It wasnt until I got to college to actually pursue this career path that I had second thoughts. With a whole world of possibilities in front of me, why was I limiting myself? I explored a number of fields over the next four years, eventually landing on political science, which led me to law school and to a career as an attorney.Within the first year of practicing law, I knew I was in the wrong place. While I enjoyed making a difference in my clients lives, I hated the adversarial nature of the job, the constant pressure and the endless labyrinth of rules. But if I wasnt practicing law, what was I supposed to be doing? After all, I had just spent over $120,000 on my law degree. To not use it felt like a massive waste of time and money. So, I sucked it up, all the while dreaming of a different life.I did eventually leave my law firm for a non-practicing role. While I liked my new gig, I knew deep down that it wasnt the right fit either. At the time, I had been reading a lot about diversity (or lack thereof) in the legal profession, the dearth of women in leadership in the law and the biases women and people of color were facing every day. These were the issues that really mattered to me, and I knew I wanted to do something about it, but I didnt know how I could turn this passion into a job. I assumed that I could only make the transition if I had diversity experience, and I had none to speak of. As it turns out, I didnt need diversity experience to land my dream job, and today I love what I do helping to develop and advance talented women and diverse lawyers.--Natalia Marulanda is a former practicing attorney who currently works on womens initiatives at a la w firm New York City. She also runs The Girl Power Code, a blog dedicated to empowering women in the workplace and in their daily lives.

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The One Thing to Do for Writing a Resume for Foreign Study Scholarship

The One Thing to Do for Writing a Resume for Foreign Study Scholarship Writing a resume can feel intimidating, just with the correct guidance you must have no issue nailing it. Writing concisely is critical. Writing a wonderful personal statement is critical if you want to win a scholarship. To make sure all students whod like assistance have the ability to be serviced, resume reviews wont be scheduled after Friday, March 30, 2018. The hardest portion of growing study abroad scholarships is simply finding them, so make certain to ask the professionals should they know of any With some practice, you might even think about adding your resume to scholarships which dont require that, simply to offer you an additional boost. It is essential that students become empowered about how to promote their private brand to prospective employers. A winning student wont only get the money but an opportunity to become noticed. A scholarship CV ought to be written purposely. The aim of our scholarship program is to assist students to get featured. As youre well aware, pursuing an MBA is extremely expensive. Youve encounter a scholarship application that needs a scholarship resumeand you enter panic mode. The scholarship CV needs to have a purpose. Great organization Your scholarship CV ought to be analyzed in the perfect order. A CV for scholarship is a very important bit of information which highlights your academic qualifications and achievements, your upcoming career goal and any other relevant information that may help you to receive a scholarship. Its important to spend the work and get great grades ahead of your time abroad to demonstrate scholarship providers that you want to take your study abroad experience seriously as not only an opportunity to travel, but in addition a chance to expand your academic horizons. To augment your studies you start looking into scholarship programs that may help you finish your schooling and compose a good later on. A scholarship could cover the segment of the tuition fees and produce students life a great deal easier. Therefore, if your student intends to work while theyre in school or simply wishes to be ready for graduation, developing a scholarship resume now gives them the framework they have to receive one ready for work applications as soon as the time comes. To make certain that your resume properly captures the heart of your study-abroad experience, you have to understand how to effectively incorporate that info. Whats more, theres a muster format which an academic resume follows which you ought to keep in mind. You may not be good at it but an on-line search on how best to write scholarship CVs and receiving examples will be useful. A well-written scholarship application letter may be the deciding factor as to whether you receive a place at your fantasy university. Before you begin writing, consider what the scholarship committee is searching for in an applicant. In a third para graph it is possible to explain your interest in studying at that particular institution and how much youll have the ability to gain from it. A well-tailored statement of purpose scholarship will offer you the edge above the rest of the applicants. The Demise of Writing a Resume for Foreign Study Scholarship Its very probable that youre likely to be applying for over 1 study abroad scholarship. Explain what research youd love to conduct. If youre asking for a scholarship, odds are youre likely to should compose an essay. Its well worth looking up some scholarship CVs on the web to give yourself a concept of what it is that they should be like.

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Examples of Professional Resumes Secrets

Examples of Professional Resumes Secrets The Basic Facts of Examples of Professional Resumes Be sure yur UX designer resume emphasizes teamwork, interpersonal abilities, and crystal clear communication. Start looking for a group of professional writers who specialise in various industries in addition to a high standard of graphic design. Writing a resume for employment in the art industry can be difficult. Contain the precise same vital phrases that you feel the organization needs within your experience and techniques for job application. Top Examples of Professional Resumes Choices There are a few things that you should and shouldnt do to wind up getting a professional deckblatt letter. Have a look at our samples to get a better idea about what makes a good customer service resume and discover out what it requires to land your dream job. Even if one isnt required, its generally an excellent idea to send a quick cover letter together with your resume. The actual folks high ly praise our essay help site. Nobodys perfect, but anything you send to a prospective employer should be absolutely flawless. Which means youve got to understand the way to create the best letter as youre in a position to send to the organization and provide great first effect about yourself. When youre searching for a job your resume IS your very first impression. However much or what type of work experience youve got, theres a resume format that is likely to make your qualifications shine. Perhaps while looking for examples you noticed poor samples throughout the internet. You are able to use our resume building software to produce your own from scratch. Often as the business will get a lot of words, then they may use pc software to look at the letter. In any case, you might read the testimonials of our clients. Life After Examples of Professional Resumes Job seekers deserve to discover decent content quickly. Its possible to discover Professional Resumes etc.. If you want to find a few examples of professional resumes, go to LiveCareer. If you enjoy the design on our site, please dont be afraid to visit again and get inspiration from all the cost-Free Professional Level Resume Samples ResumesPlanet of our internet design. If youre seeking to customize professional, pre-formatted resumes, have a look at our completely free downloadable templates. If youre looking for work, a well-written resume is critical. If you dont feel that the job is suitable for you, then the simple solution isnt to submit an application for the job. fruchtwein Noticeable Examples of Professional Resumes The medical industry can be quite competitive. Food service is just one of the most difficult industries to work in. Your jobs could possibly be varied, your experience and abilities vast, and it can be challenging getting it all on paper. Unique kinds of work in the food service industry require resumes with several of the exact same skills. Possessing a crystal clear and professional resume is vital in the medical field. Unless you happen to be a graphic designer looking for employment, theres no need to over think the plan of your one-pager. After you receive a job, you barely have enough time to do laundry. Whether you would like to submit an application for a designers job in a creative agency, or desire to submit an application for a hot job in a top bank, professional resumes are going to have you covered. The Tried and True Method for Examples of Professional Resumes in Step by Step Detail The necessary elements of a resume differ based on your industry and the job which youre applying for. When an individual is an automobile salesman for instance, they should have the word vehicle or automobile within the resume. The kind of fonts ought to be the typical ones in the conventional sizes and spacing between paragraphs. Providing examples of the extra value expertise which you can offer ought to be highlighted in your cover let ter to help differentiate your application when compared with others. Decide how you should improve and the way you are going to make that happen. Thus, you will know all that is required. All of these are positive. Many are highly-reputed. Relying solely on endorsements or recommendations means youll miss the immense opportunity your network presents. Writing a resume isnt a simple endeavour, and as stated by the feedback from our present community, its really beneficial to check professional resume examples before starting to compose your own. Although there are a number of examples you dont will need to cover. Language Global organizations depend upon people with the capability to speak a range of languages.

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Let This Company Driver Resume Template for Word Guide Your Writing

Let This Company Driver Resume Template for Word Guide Your WritingLet This Company Driver Resume Template for Word Guide Your WritingIntroduction Before you start practicing your interview skills, you want to brush up on your resume writing. Without a well* Professional driver who has logged more than 150,000 miles driving* Friendly personality to carry on conversations with clients* Familiar with basic automotive repair to replace tires and brake padsPerfect Your Skills SectionThe skills section for a company driver resume should contain qualifications that are necessary in this specific line of work. Being able to play guitar is nice, but it does not help you drive. You want to optimize this section in case the hiring manager is utilizing applicant tracking systems. This is software that scans documents for specific keywords. You can locate pertinent keywords by reading the job description for the open position. Rewrite these skills onto your resume exactly as they were given. Som e top skills in the industry that could have been added to the company driver resume schablone for Word include* Social perceptiveness* Able to work directly with the public* Familiarity with driving vans, trucks, and limousinesPolish Your Work History SectionThe work history section is the biggest part of your resume. This is where you can really go inClass A Drivers License Renewed in 2017High School Diploma 2015West High School

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How to teach your kids the value of money using bank account

How to teach your kids the value of money using bank accountHow to teach your kids the value of money using bank accountIn a world that isincreasingly cashless, my 5- and 7-year-old have a tenuous understanding of what it means to exchange money for goods. I hold my phone next to card readers and tap in a few numbers. I pay bills online. This means that my boys live in a blissful worldwhere everything is, ostensibly, free of charge. And, historically, I haventgiven them many money lectures. It feels weird talking about the sweat of your brow when you spend your day online.When I was a kid, I was very aware that the roof over my head, the fuel in the car, the groceries, and the electricity coursing through the heavily papered walls all cost something. I watched my parents labor over a checkbook, balancing the ledger with a big-button calculator. I watched them swearing and muttering under their breath while they licked official-looking envelopes.For my kids? The roof, the lights, the Netflix, the internet, and the cell phone are just part of the fabric of their life. They dont realize these are things that their parents work to provide. They take them for granted.It all came to a head recently when they began asking for access to new shows via a media streaming services we did not subscribe to. They were operating under the impression that I could just punch the buttons andPaw Patrol would show up on the television free of charge. This was not the case and I was struggling to understand how to talk to them about the value proposition.Thinking back to my own childhood, I realized that it might help if they had visibility into overall spending - or at least an awareness of it. There are child development experts who suggest kids should take over tracking and paying one household bill for a few months to better understand household finances. But my kids seem a bit young for that. I opted instead to talk them through our finances for a week. Theyd be aware of every penny spent. Theyd see the money flow in and out of the bank account. Theyd watch the numbers rise and fall.That was the idea anyway. My first barrier was that the bigger the numbers get for a child, the more abstract and meaningless they become. A kid can understand that ten is more than five. However, they start getting lost in the hundreds. And thousands are largely meaningless. Thats a problem when you have a mortgage.Okay, boys. Look, I said, opening the banking app on my phone. The first thing you need to know is that we have to pay to have a roof over our head.Just the roof? asked my 7-year-old skeptically.No. The whole house, I said, moving on quickly. I pointed out how much we had total, in the family bank account.Were rich my 7-year-old exclaimed.No, actually, I corrected him. Thats not really a lot. I scrolled to the monthly mortgage payment. See? This is how much we pay for the house every month.Thats like a magillion bajillion fart dollars my 5-year-old explained, havi ng apparently done the conversion math in his head.Things had already gone off the rails two minutes into the effort. I tried another approach in an attempt to recover. To add perspective, I scrolled to the expense of a recent lunch wed had out as a family at one of their favorite restaurants. I pointed to the small-ish number and compared it to the mortgage number.Do you know those crunchy pickles? my 5-year-old asked. They are yummy.I abandoned the effort and regrouped. I decided what might help is to link the expenses to something they were interested in. But I had to time the lesson so that it arrived before the indulgence. So, I struck where they were most concerned Netflix. The next day, after the boys came home from school, I stopped them before they could have their daily screen time.Okay, I said. Do you know thatPoppa has to pay for Netflix?The children looked at me blankly. Impatient. I opened my banking app and showed them how much we paid for Netflix $11.73. It was, than kfully, a number they could grasp.Now, do you guys think youd be able to watch Netflix if you had to pay for it? I asked. How much money do you guys have?The boys began to get a bit worried about this. I asked them to go open their piggy banks and bring me what they had. I heard them rummaging in their bedroom, quarreling softly. Soon they returned with hands full of grubby bills, coins spilling out on the steps as they made their way back into the family room. We counted it up $9.27. I was relieved.So you wouldnt be able to pay the Netflix bill? I asked.The 5-year-olds eyes got wet. He stuckverzierung out his lower lip and started to cry. This made my 7-year-old panic. He began frantically asking me if Netflix was gone and asking if I could give him just a few extra dollars. It took a few minutes to calm them down.Once everyone was quiet, I explained that I didnt need them to pay for Netflix. They were doing their kid jobs getting smarter and stronger through school and play. So I was fine providing them with Netflix. But they had to know that I worked to make sure I could pay for things like meals and TV and the roof (and walls and floor).With this, I felt they were finally oriented to what I was trying to teach them. And they were more interested and responsive in our ledger reviews. They started to understand that money came in from work and out for goods. This was all I wanted so I felt good about it (not so much about the crying, but tears do happen).Then, one evening at dinner, my wife asked me why the thermostat was so high. I explained, sheepishly, that I had been cold. And then I took what I saw as an opportunity.Do you know why Momma is so upset about the heat being high? I asked the boys.Because we have to pay for the gas for heat, the 7-year-old said, knowingly. Everything costs money.I smiled. Id achieved my goal.Even money costs money he yelled.And, you know, hes not wrong. But Im not explaining debt financing until these kids are out of high sc hool.This article was originally posted on Fatherly.

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Pumping Extremely Hot Metal, Part 2

Pumping Extremely Hot Metal, Part 2 Pumping Extremely Hot Metal, Part 2 Pumping Extremely Hot Metal, Part 2Part 1 of Pumping Extremely Hot Metal described the premise of a new type of ceramic pump and the applications it could serve. This part looks at the challenges the kollektiv faced in designing the pump and the solutions they used to improve design. To create the pump, Henry had to first choose the werkstoff for its components and the heat transfer media that would flow through it.For the media, Henry knew he had to use a aufgetaut. Its low viscosity makes liquid easy to move and control without using a lot of energy, making it the most efficient and effective way to transfer heat. The higher the temperature, the mora useful the liquid is, Henry says. The problem is, what liquid to use.Fluids commonly used in heat transfer systems include salt, glass, and oil. But those materials have too many disadvantages - heat limitations, high viscosity, corrosiveness, low thermal conductiv ity and density - for the types of extreme-heat applications Henry had in mind. Molten metal, however, especially tin, performs much better in all of those areas. Liquid metal flowing at 1400 C in the crucible. Image Caleb AmyIt is low viscosity as soon as it melts, it flows like water. And its electrically conductive. Thats huge because that capability doesnt change and the electrons can move freely the liquid connectivity is almost the same as a solid connective, Henry says. With metal you end up in a different regime of heat transfer. Heat transfer in liquid metal is extremely effective. You get a whole lot more heat transfer given the energy needed to move it. Molten metals, however, can eat away at metal pipes and other components. Its like trying to make piping for sugar water with pipes made from sugar, Henry says.For You Read the latest on fluid engineering breakthroughs from last piece helped Henry decide to build all of the components of the pu mp a gear pump, in this case, for simplicity and reliability - from ceramic. Ceramics, though, are brittle. The team feared ceramic gears and other components used to pump and circulate extremely hot metal would crack and fail. But new breeds of ceramics can retain their mechanical stiffness at temperatures over 1,300 K. After some research, Henry chose Shapal Hi-M Soft, introduced in 2012 and known for its increased machinability, mechanical strength, and thermal conductivity.With metal you end up in a different regime of heat transfer. Heat transfer in liquid metal is extremely effective. You get a whole lot more heat transfer given the energy needed to move it.Prof. Asegun Henry, Georgia TechDespite those attributes, extreme heat caused one version of the pump to expand and vertically misalign by 1 mm. As a solution, the team intentionally misaligned the pump by connecting a vertically angled, flexible tungsten sleeve on the insulating shaft connecting the pump to the motor.Anot her major design problem remained. Most pump seals are made from polymers, which vaporize under extreme heat. After about three years of trials and testing, the team finally settled on pure graphite to seal the pump, pipes, and valves. Theyre real squishy and are good up to about 3000 C, Henry says.But graphite oxidizes. To prevent that, the team built a simple vacuum chamber around the pump and filled it with a cover gas of nitrogen. It also allowed the team to use tungsten on the outside of the seals to strengthen areas where tensile forces were applied. The chamber doesnt greatly impact the cost of the system it can be made from thin metal and double as a protective covering.When you take oxidation off the table, it opens up a range of materials you can use, Henry says.Not What They ExpectedBy the morning of the third day of testing, Henrys students were begging to go home. Henry made them wait. He had to be sure that this version solved past problems. After 72 hours running at a n average of 1,473 K, Henry pulled the plug on the pump and declared the new design a success.I said shut it down because it wasnt going to break, he says. The students had given up before, so everyone was excited. It was a big triumph.Even though the pump worked, Henry is still working on future iterations. The teeth of the drive gear wore slightly, a problem Henry could solve by replacing the Shapal with a harder material such as the more expensive silicon carbide. Hes now looking for a cost-effective source. Henry will also try replacing the gear pump with a centrifugal pump to increase its speed. Then the new rounds of testing will begin. He expects to have a commercial version ready within two to three years.When youre doing engineering and technical development there are different types of barriers to success, he says. But we had tested enough aspects to know that it would work. We knew it could be done. You cant let the challenge or the effort be a barrier to trying again and again. If you have good ideas, you shouldnt give up.Read more about renewable energySun Train Shines New Life on Vintage RailCreating Energy with Every Step You TakeBlack Silicon Lowers Cost, Increases Efficiency for SolarPlease see Part 1 of Pumping Extremely Hot Metal to discover the challenges Henry and his team faced in designing the pump, how they overcame those challenges, and if the new design passed the test.

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13 Terrible Cover Letter Phrases and How You Can Fix Them

13 Terrible Cover Letter Phrases and How You Can Fix Them13 Terrible Cover Letter Phrases and How You Can Fix ThemDo you hate writing titel letters? Youre bedrngnis alone Most jobseekers hate writing them. Whats more, fruchtwein people cant write them well.Unfortunately, no article can teach you how to write an excellent cover letter. That takes time, lots of writing practice and a little bit of alchemy. Still, an article can help you avoid some of the worst mistakes.Like this article about terrible cover letter phrases you should never use in your own cover letter. Lets have a look at 13 terrible phrases people put on their cover letters and see how you can avoid using their pitfalls in yours.1. Say hello to your recruiterDont use a vague greeting like To whom it may concern. Imagine you get heaps of letters but none of the job candidates knows your name. Look up the person who will be reading your cover letter and address them by their name. Its definitely worth the effort.2. Dont think aloudGenerally, avoid verbs of thinking. Dont use words you dont need to, phrases like I think Id be a great fit make your sentences sound weak. It is clear you are expressing your opinions, so youd better keep a wary eye on verbs such as think, guess, assume, or believe.3. Job search is no charityIncluding the phrase This job would help me because in your cover letter might very well putthe final nail in your job search coffin. Honestly, who cares about what would help you? Recruiters want to hear exactly the opposite- how you can help the company.4. Never state the obviousStating the obvious in your cover letter wastes time of someone who doesnt have it. As you can see on my resume is one of the most redundant phrases widely used in cover letters. Make sure your textflows from one idea to another. Your cover letter should take the reader on an exciting journey, not tell them what they already know.5. Be creative and build suspenseRecruiters are flooded with cover letters. Th eyve seen the phrase Im the best candidate because over a bajillion times. So this is the perfect occasion to season your cover letter with a pinch of creativity. Hook your reader by saying I do have some skills that are hard to come by. Intrigue the recruiters so that theyll want to read on. Feel free to deviate from the standard template that everyone else follows.6. Promote your expertiseDont sell yourself short. Be confident and mention any specific experience that will make you an ideal candidate for the position. Start by saying Given my extensive experience as and make your distinctive skills come into light.7.Cut the fluffAvoid using catchphrases like goal-oriented, hard-workingor fast-paced. Let your experience and references speak for you. Employers will be more impressed to hear you talk about your passion for the field and dedication to the people or gruppe with whom you worked.8. Make your adjectives paint a colorful pictureUsingflavorless adjectives such as good or nic e will make you sound average. You definitely dont want to sink into mediocrity. Dont use language that downplays your abilities andopt for adjectives with added value like attentive, competent, mature, or vigorous.9. Express genuine humilityAvoid using always, everybody, never and other extremes. Its just gloating over your own skills. Keep your feet on the ground. Staying reasonable when describing your abilities pays off, it is better to display modesty than some unduly braggadociousness.10. Spice it up with verbsAvoid using weak verbs like make or do. Dont be vague when you can be specific. Heres just a selection of few action verbs for inspiration accelerated, coordinated, facilitated, initiated, mastered, launched, proposed, reviewed, supervised.Check this infographic for a more complete list.Use descriptive words whenever you can. Rather than just stating a list of duties, include action keywords in your position descriptions e.g. proficient in Adobe Illustrator, specialised in social media marketing.11. Dont think inside the boxScan, scan, scan for clichs. Phrases like fast learner, go-getter, team player, dynamic leader,orthinking outside the boxwill make any recruiter roll their eyes. Think about how you can rephrase them to make them more specific, meaningful, personal, and also targeted to the specific job ad and its requirements.12. Introduce your current employerMake sure to slip in the fact that you are currently employed, if that is the case. Employment shows that a candidate is valued by someone else, and that they are looking for a new job to advance their careers, not of out of desperation.13. Keywords to their heartsTake your time and search for keywords specific to your occupation. They help to make your resume selected by hiring managers who screen documents.Keywords are used to match an applicant with an available job. If the keywords in a cover letter match the job description, the candidates chances of being selected for a job intervi ew are much higher.Avoiding the terrible cover letter phrases is only the beginning.Hopefully, these 13 tips helped you see your old familiar cover letter in a new light. Now you can recognise the awkwardness of pat phrases and unlock the potential of informed word choices.If this still sounds a bit far-fetched, check outthese10 cover letter samples from real jobseekers who got hired at prestigious companies. Knocking a cover letter into shape isnt the easiest task- but getting the job you want makes it all worth itNeed to write a cover letter but dont know where to begin? Check out our Ultimate Cover Letter Guideand get hired fast Share Your Feedback or Ideas in the Comments